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Advancing Connected TV advertising with true[X]

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Essence and true[x] are announcing a year-long strategic innovation partnership focused on bringing high-quality, accountable advertising to the rapidly growing market of connected TVs.

The partnership includes development and trial of new CTV ad experiences, customized research to validate results, and first-time programmatic access to true[X] engagement ad products. Essence will lead the initiative with other GroupM agency participation expected as the partnership develops.

“We’re excited to be working with true[X] to help our clients build the next generation of video advertising at a time when nearly 60% of U.S. homes now own devices capable of streaming video to a television in the living room,” said Adam Gerber, SVP, Investment NA at Essence.  

This first-of-its-kind innovation partnership gives Essence priority access to premium inventory from publishers like A&E Networks, Hulu, ABC and FreeForm, and Fox Networks on connected TV platforms like Roku and tvOS. true[X] and Essence will align on a CTV product roadmap to pilot new innovations that have the potential to scale.

“Essence is focused on delivering measurable value for clients, making the advertising experience better for viewers, and helping publishers maintain an ad supported business model - principles that perfectly mirror true[X]’s mission.” said Pooja Midha, president, true[X]. “true[X]’s investment in consumer centric technologies that support meaningful interactions and outcomes for brands make us perfect partners.” 

true[X]’s award-winning interactive advertising is guaranteed 100%-viewable and 100% fraud-free, and its new UP//LIFT brand lift measurement technology assesses the impact of ads across platforms. Giving consumers the choice to engage with a brand’s interactive experience as an alternative to traditional commercial breaks, true[X] advertising can help reduce ad loads while simultaneously improving results for the brand by offering a higher-quality, more memorable experience.

For more on the partnership between Essence and True[X], read news coverage in Advertising Age.