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News Company News2020-03-19

High scores for Essence in Campaign Asia-Pacific's 2019 Agency Report Cards

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Campaign Asia-Pacific has issued an 'Excellent' grade to Essence in its 17th annual evaluation of 43 regional agency networks based on overall business performance, innovation, creative output, awards, staff development, diversity, and leadership.

Essence's 'Excellent' (B+) grade is the top score issued to any agency over the last two years. Additionally, Essence was the only agency to improve its 2019 score to a B+ grade over 2018, receiving Outstanding (A-) to Good (B-) grades in Management, Creativity, Innovation, Business Growth, and People & Diversity.

Essence's scores have moved up 3 grades since the agency's first Report Card review in 2017, going from C+ (‘Average’) to B (‘Very Good’) and B+ (‘Excellent’) within 2 years.