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News Commentary2019-03-01

Essence Releases UK Gender Pay Gap Figures

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Essence has completed its first public Gender Pay Gap analysis in accordance with requirements established by the UK government for organizations with more than 250 employees in the United Kingdom.

Our benchmark analysis - which compares the average compensation of our total male workforce in the UK and the average compensation of our total female workforce in the UK on April 5th, 2018 - found a median Gender Pay Gap of 16.7%; 1.2% lower than the national average of 17.9%.

Essence’s UK Gender Pay Gap reflects the larger number of male employees serving in global executive roles out of our founding office in London. Since April 2018 we have further reduced our UK Gender Pay Gap by nearly 4% (to 12.9%) by continuing to hire, train, and promote women into more senior roles. Additionally, the number of women in VP and SVP roles at Essence across all offices has also increased by 7% (to 43%) and 2% (to 53%) respectively since June 2018, as part of the agency’s efforts to achieve gender parity in all management roles by 2025.

View the 2018 Essence UK Gender Pay Gap Report here