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Ideas Experience2021-04-30

Encouraging higher message retention with voice-activated display banners for Google Nest in Australia

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Voice assistance and adopting smart home technology such as speakers are on the rise in Australia. When Google wanted to promote new Nest devices around the busy Christmas period, we knew we needed to demonstrate the power of voice in one’s home in a new way. 


We identified cooking and turning on Christmas tree lights as core moments where voice assistance was most helpful. Then, instead of simply telling our audience about the magic of the hands-free experience, we decided that getting them to actually try it out for themselves was the way to go to unlock Nest’s superior product magic.


We built a unique set of voice-activated display ads to demonstrate how the use of voice with Nest could be beneficial around the home, through a similar spoken interaction with a display banner.

The ads worked across two affinities: Christmas and cooking. Individuals were prompted with a scenario, then with a simple invitation to interact with a ‘tap to speak’ button, driving the story resolution with their voice. The whole interaction demonstrated the wonderful benefits that voice could bring in their homes. 


By getting people to interact with our voice-activated banner ads, we not only demonstrated how one’s voice with Nest could make every moment at home better, we encouraged higher message retention over standard ads - leading to increased brand awareness and consideration.