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Your data is your most valuable asset. We help you use it.

Used correctly, data has the potential to help companies create enormous strategic business advantages and enduring customer relationships. But the proliferation of tools and technologies and the rapidly changing consumer and regulatory environment make the choices facing marketers about how to maximize the value of their data harder than ever before. Essence's data strategy practice is here to help.

What We Do

We help marketers identify and activate their most valuable data to create better experiences for their customers.

We achieve this executionally or consultatively by bringing our clients expertise in the following areas:

  • 01

    Data governance and organization

    • We help clients understand their data - from where it comes from to how it is managed (or should be) and the opportunities it creates
  • 02

    Audience engineering

    • We organize signals of all types into addressable audiences that can be targeted directly with media across all channels
  • 03

    Platform strategy

    • We help define the optimal platform architecture to support our clients' business goals and assist in managing and onboarding partner technologies
  • 04

    DMP stewardship

    • We help clients manage and organize the data that flows into their Data Management Platform as trusted and hands-on users of their system
  • 05

    Data acquisition

    • We identify valuable and trustworthy 3rd party data including:
    • a complete spectrum of syndicated research
    • responsive and addressable audience data for use in programmatic buying
    • record-level datasets to enable advanced analytics
  • 06


    • We assemble and interpret client and agency reporting requirements; define the supporting data model; and systemize report builds in the most sustainable and automated way possible
  • 07

    Market POVs

    • We contribute POVs about market developments in the fields of advertising and marketing technology companies; user privacy and regulation; tracking and other data-related issues


Custom tools and technology to get the most out of your data.

Essence's Data Strategy practice develops proprietary products that allow clients to maximize the value of their data from all sources, including:

  • Propeller

    Propeller helps brands maximize the value of their media signals in Adobe’s DMP on an automated basis. It does this by linking media plan data from our proprietary Olive system, with adserver data from Google Marketing Platform and tying it all to 1st party audience data in the DMP. This enables media placement data to become of the DMP taxonomy, alongside site visitation, engagement and conversion etc, revealing a more singular view of the user in a privacy-safe way.


Our global Data Strategy leadership team

Providing expert advice and support in the use of data to fuel business strategy and campaign performance.

We’re changing the way people think about advertising with services built for a new generation of marketers—and their audiences.

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