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A changing marketplace demands a new approach to creativity.

Our fractured, highly distributed media landscape and growing consumer aversion to traditional advertising requires brands to create direct and meaningful relationships with their customers. Essence's creative practice forges personal relationships between brands and customers across the entire customer journey with audience-first experiences that anticipate user needs, encourage discovery, enable personalization at scale, and fully align with strategic media investments.

What We Do

Making advertising more valuable for people and brands.

By bringing media and creative together in three crucial ways, Essence is uniquely able to deliver value across the entire modern customer journey, helping to build 1:1 relationships between brands and customers.

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    Data-driven Insights

    • Human truths abstracted from multiple data sets that drives creative products in-market.
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    Personalized Creative

    • Contextually-driven ad creative and content that adapts to consumer signals and intent and distributed through programmatic pipes.
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    Impacting Culture

    • Culture is created through content. Creation of new authentic non-ad format experiences allows brands to reach audiences through deep and seamless integrations with publishers and platforms.

Our Approach

Delivering experiences that break through.

We deliver award-winning, digital-first, channel-agnostic campaigns for some of the world’s most respected brands.

Because achieving a higher degree of relevance and performance requires more, we work differently than other agencies. Upfront, our strategists pursue audience-led creative strategy, working with data scientists to look beyond demographics to understand mindsets, behaviors, and product usage, creating insight-led opportunities for connection. In concepting, our designers balance beautiful brand implementation with nuanced signal-based content frameworks. And on the backend, our developers are not only experts in the latest presentation layer capabilities and standards but also third-party environments and deployment tools.

From simple display campaigns to video to  integrated experiential, our work is grounded in audience-centric creative principles that consistently deliver breakthrough results, and achieve 2x to 3x effectiveness.

Case Study

Personal ads, without personal data.

To market Google Home, Essence and Google sought to create a new way to deliver ultra-relevant messaging that feels personal, while being sensitive to consumers’ concerns about how their personal data is used. 

To achieve both, we devised a way to anchor the relevance of campaign creative to the unique content of the individual articles and webpages being viewed by our target audience, customizing for contextual relevance without needing to use personal user data or behavioral targeting. Partnering with The Guardian, we built  an automated system that ingested each day's content on the site, performed brand safety evaluations, created consumer-facing contextual copy, and utilized Google APIs to deepen contextual relevance.  Leveraging Google Marketing Platform allowed us to deliver a compelling ad experience regardless of where users interacted with The Guardian.

This machine learning-driven approach allowed us to crack the challenge of executing automated page-level contextual advertising at scale. Over the course of two weeks, we delivered contextual ad copy for 608 articles with 260 uniques pieces of ad copy, which were translated for 73 countries.

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    Purchase consideration

    Over two weeks, our campaign generated a 5.2% lift in purchase consideration for Google Home

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    Category consideration

    The campaign also increased the percentage of consumers considering a purchase in the smart home category by 5.1%

We’re changing the way people think about advertising with services built for a new generation of marketers—and their audiences.

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