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Global teams, powered by technology, working together to maintain campaign perfection 24/7.

Essence's Ad Ops practice operates at the frontlines of our mission to make advertising more valuable to the world. It’s our job to ensure that every ad campaign is executed flawlessly. To do that, we run over 300 preflight and inflight inventory hygiene checks against fraud and brand safety, so each and every impression is served correctly. Our mission is to advance the field of data science and enable ad tech, executing quickly and efficiently, with a focus on ensuring success.

What We Do

We're fanatical about brand safety.

Essence's Ad Operations team helps us lead the industry in trading transparency, brand safety, fraud elimination, and delivery quality, achieving 99.997% accuracy in 2018.

We perform daily 15-point EKG checks on all active campaigns and bring together experts in the following areas to protect our clients' investments, ensuring we deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time:

  • 01

    Adserver Management

    • Contracts and pricing
    • Tag deployment and management
    • Data transfer setup
  • 02

    Ad Trafficking

    • Campaign management
    • Quality Assurance
    • Vendor implementation
  • 03


    • EKG
    • Fraud squad
    • Data integrity
  • 04


    • Vendor analysis
    • POV development
    • Development of tools for automation
  • 05

    Partner Implementation

    • Partner measurement
    • Platform integrations
    • Publisher troubleshooting

How We're Different

A focus on quality, speed, coverage, and consistency.

Our focus in four key areas ensures differentiation in the quality and value of campaigns planned and executed by Essence.

  • Quality

    Our dedication to quality means continual improvement in our processes and the value we provide to clients. Our teams help to manage risk by identifying, categorizing, assessing, and managing threats at every step of a campaign, constant testing, and providing support where appropriate to inhouse teams with marketing intelligence, people management, innovation, and organizational consulting.

  • Speed

    Our focus on agility helps our clients deploy campaigns faster and improve performance faster than their competitors. We enable speed by creating direct paths in workflows, clearly aligning process with customer needs, sharing status and metrics openly, and incorporating feedback as quickly as possible.

  • Coverage

    Our global team uses a 'Follow The Sun' coverage model to create 24/7 campaign monitoring and realtime adaptability. Predictive forecasting allows us to determine coverage requirements, design organizations, and create staffing plans.

  • Consistency

    Our focus on consistency creates improvement in performance gains, reductions in staff training and IT support costs, simplifies integration requirements, and contains errors faster. We enable consistency with process audits and success evaluations, silo elimination, and process simplification.


Data Science is in our DNA.

Our Ad Ops team is always working to unite data science with technology to create proprietary tools that allow us to operate more efficiently, more accurately, and improve future performance, including:

  • Automated Campaign Health Monitoring

    When you’re managing billions of impressions, you need a way to efficiently monitor it all. That’s why we built a proprietary campaign health-monitoring platform, which crawls campaigns daily, performs millions of checks at the finest 
grain of detail and alerts us of any deviation from best practices. This minimizes the 
risk of appearing alongside negative 
news or wasting money though 
mismatched targeting.

  • Clash Management

    Many brands advertise several products or sub-brands simultaneously, which means they could unknowingly bid against themselves for certain keywords. Clash Management scans through a list of accounts and identifies where two accounts are bidding on the same keywords in the same market. The result? Improved customer engagement and incremental cost savings due to reduced CPCs.

Case Study

How Essence Ad Ops helped Google develop Google Maps functionality for motorbike users.

To increase awareness of Google Maps' Two Wheeler feature, Essence ad ops helped tailor a unique, data-driven campaign where every ad functioned as a get-out-of-traffic card for bikers based on location, weather, traffic, and time of day. Our work included helping Google develop the functionality of Google Maps - including routes and metadata - for motorbike users, specifically in Indonesia, where motorbikes make up a large portion of traffic.

The campaign utilized signals from Google Maps to pinpoint top location chokepoints in the city. Other signals like time, traffic and weather were then employed to make the Google Maps ads contextual, timely and relevant with highly contextual messaging delivered via programmatic channels to showcase alternate routes which were Two Wheeler friendly, reinforcing the unique proposition of Google Maps. 

The resulting product made motorbike commuting quicker and safer for Indonesian bikers and the campaign, which reached more than 40 million Indonesian bikers, achieved a 95% spike in product awareness and drove a 7% increase in daily active users for Google Maps.

  • 0%

    Increase in product awareness

  • 0%

    Increase in daily active users

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