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Full-Service Media

Growing businesses with the world’s most valuable advertising.

Creating value for companies by creating value for consumers.

The combination of cloud computing, algorithmic automation, and ubiquitous data has created a world in which people now expect frictionless interaction and personalized products, services, and experiences. We believe advertising should work the same way - for advertisers and for consumers.

To create an agency ready for the challenges of communicating with consumers in today’s complex, competitive, and constantly changing media ecosystem, we built Essence differently from day one. Our full service media offering is defined by an approach to strategy, analytics, and experience grounded in data and dedicated to delivering value through innovation.

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    How it works

    One system. Full spectrum.

    Our media, strategy, analytics, and experience teams work closely together on all campaigns, applying the full spectrum of cross channel skills and knowledge to measurement and problem solving.

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    How it works

    Improving predictions and outcomes with signals.

    Our operating process is designed around identifying, learning from, and creating advertising based on predictive marketplace data signals. This allows us to connect outcomes and actions and create strategic advantages for our clients in the marketplace.

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    How it works

    Enhancing media with automation.

    Essence leads the industry in the use of automation to enhance campaign planning and activation processes and drive personalization at scale. We develop proprietary tools that power intelligent campaigns; designing, optimizing, and harmonizing creative across screens based on automated insight and prediction.

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    How it works

    Constant learning and development.

    We reinvest the time and money we save with the use of advanced automation to support shared learning and development, future innovation, and to create more time for strategy and ideas that maximize new sources of growth for our clients.

Making inhouse media work smarter.

Custom solutions designed to enable organizational transformation and effectiveness.

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