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Helping brands accelerate digital marketing transformation and business growth in the new economy.

Essence Media Health Check was developed to help marketers achieve effective business outcomes from their digital media campaigns by delivering measurable performance improvements over current baselines. Part of Essence’s consulting offering, this product was incubated during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic as a strategic aid for marketers facing tectonic shifts in consumer behaviour, market-wide volatility and downward budgetary pressures, as a means to accelerate their digital transformation through a set of industry-leading best practices.

What We Do

Enabling marketers to drive performance improvements and uncover business growth opportunities in their digital media campaigns.

Leveraging Essence’s digital media capabilities, technologies and automation tools, Essence Media Health Check delivers actionable analyses across media channels and marketing technology subscriptions, eliminating risk and wastage while increasing the effectiveness of media campaigns. Designed for both in-house marketing teams and external agency service models, the solution also recommends measurable implementation roadmaps to capture the upside value.

How We’re Different

A service product developed through Essence Global Ventures.

Essence Media Health Check is developed through Essence Global Ventures, our innovation, research and development hub based in Singapore, and supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board. Through our Media Health Checks for brands across industries in APAC, we found significant improvements in media efficiencies and potential business growth. Now available globally via our network of offices, we help marketers leverage our best-in-class digital media practices and proprietary tools to optimise their campaign investment and unlock value - in a fast, effective, efficient and actionable way.

Case Study

How Essence helped Google increase media efficiency, revenue growth and creative engagement in search marketing.

Essence conducted a Media Health Check focusing on search marketing for Google, which formed part of a pitch for an additional scope of its digital marketing business. Essence won the pitch and has since been responsible for the implementation of recommendations, which are in the following key areas:

Media efficiency: Essence Media Health Check identified and eliminated search keywords that were contributing more to cost than to performance. This resulted in increased efficiency of 213% in the return on advertising spend and 67% in the cost per lead.

Revenue growth: Essence Media Health Check uncovered targeting consistency gaps between media channels, keyword match types, markets and regions in the markets. Total traffic-driving keywords were increased by 25%, with a growth of 18% in qualified leads and 6% in revenue.  

Creative engagement: The product adoption portion of Essence Media Health Check recommended the utilisation of responsive search ads, which uses an algorithm that optimises search advertising creative based on relevance. The adoption of responsive search ads delivered an improvement of 11% in the net retention rate of qualified leads and an increase of 8% in click-through rates.

  • 0%

    Increased efficiency in return on advertising spend

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    Increased efficiency in cost per lead

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