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Ecommerce Activation Framework & Assessment Tool

The Essence Ecommerce Framework for digital media activation supports businesses on their ecommerce journeys by harnessing the power of their technology, data and digital platforms.

It's a tool to realise the full potential of marketing strategies across an advertiser’s business, creating a seamless user experience, improved engagement, increased online revenue and a stronger customer lifetime value.

To access the free tool - submit your contact details to: [email protected]

What does it deliver?

What does it deliver?

Our Ecommerce Activation Framework helps businesses to:

1. Asses the current state of ecommerce maturity

2. Outline the vision and opportunities, growth ambition and roadmap

3. Prioritise capabilities based on business objectives and available resources

4. Regularly assess the impact and measure the progress of digital maturity against business initiatives

5. Evaluate process improvement and effectiveness

How do I access the free Ecommerce Activation Framework tool?

To access the free tool - submit your contact details to: [email protected]

The assessment should be completed by a marketer who makes decisions on budgets and priorities across all digital functions.