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How We Help

Data-driven growth for transformational marketers.

Essence exists to radically improve the value and relevance of advertising for the benefit of brands and consumers. We do this by combining the principles of data science and the power of technology to enhance the strategy, creativity, and human expertise behind our work.

We build flexible partnerships with our clients that are designed for the world we live in today, from end-to-end agency implementation to custom consulting solutions for in-house experts. All supported by a platform-based service model that accelerates collaboration and enables high-frequency decision making.

How we’re different:

  1. A full-service media agency with digital heritage and analytics DNA
  2. A product-driven centralized and global operating model
  3. A software enabled service offering that integrates our platform with 50+ platforms
  4. A unified approach to data and analytics that brings creative and media closer together
  5. A culture of transparency and experimentation with long term value creation through shared learning
  6. The industry gold standard for brand safety and quality

Accelerated by automation.

We develop, incubate, and scale platforms, products, and machine learning solutions that enhance our services and provide clients with unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

  • 01

    Enterprise Media Management

    • Unified planning reporting data and analytics through Olive
    • In-platform approvals on any device
    • Tools to aid budgeting portfolio planning and phasing
  • 02

    Self-Driving Campaigns

    • End-to-end campaign automation
    • AI-optimized bidding with custom algorithms
  • 03

    Cross-Channel Planning and Activation

    • Integrated planning with Semaphore
    • Automated base plans
    • Cross-channel pacing
    • Impression frequency controls with Tailcutter
  • 04

    Analytics and Measurement

    • Audience research with Scrutineer
    • Market prioritization framework
    • Creative testing tools
  • 05

    Intelligent Experiences

    • Contextualized creative
    • Moment mapping
    • Accelerated production
  • 06

    Safety and Transparency

    • Total visibility through Olive
    • Automated best practice and brand safety compliance checks

A network with a world of benefits

Essence is part of WPP and GroupM, the world’s largest creative transformation and media investment organizations.

Select clients

We're fortunate to work with more than 50 brands around the world who share our commitment to data-driven growth and marketing that adds value to people's lives, including:

  • Technology


    Essence is Google's global agency of record for digital media. For over a decade, we've helped Google define excellence in digital marketing with advertising that makes life easier for people.

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One system. Full spectrum.

End-to-end partnerships that create value for brands by creating value for consumers.

Our Full-Service offering