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Andrew Shebbeare

Co-founder and Chairman

Andrew is chairman and co-founder of Essence where he works to drive disruptive innovation for companies seeking to make advertising more valuable to the world. His unique combination of analytical, marketing, and technical expertise has allowed him to lead diverse teams to support the growth and marketing goals of some of the world’s largest companies and most forward-thinking marketers. 

Since establishing Essence in 2005, Andrew has had a hand in the development of almost every facet of the agency's operations. He has led technology teams, client engagements, regions and has shaped Essence's global product organization across all practices and markets. As chairman, he now focuses on strategic objectives for the agency, our clients and the industry as a whole. Most recently Andrew has led Essence's efforts to focus marketer attention on the responsibilities created by the application of artificial intelligence to advertising.

Prior to Essence, Andrew headed multichannel acquisition marketing for Lloyds TSB's consumer products ranging from credit cards to current accounts, pivoting to LTV based growth strategies. Before that, he practiced financial modeling, business analysis and product management at Accucard, a startup later acquired by LTSB. His career started in marketing analytics and growth strategy at Capital One.

Andrew lives in London with his wife and two daughters. He holds a BSC in Government and Economics from the London School of Economics.