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News Commentary2019-09-12

Wakefit launches new campaign in partnership with Essence to help Indians rest better

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India's largest sleep solutions startup Wakefit, has announced a new campaign to help deliver the company's new brand campaign message "the more you know, the better you sleep." Essence is Wakefit's integrated media agency of record.

With India being deemed the second most sleep-deprived country by a global study and internal studies by revealing that 1 in 5 Indians believe they have Insomnia, sleep related disorders have become a pertinent lifestyle ailment. However, the focus on sleep health in India is still wanting. With its new campaign, Wakefit aims to add a dash of excitement and enthusiasm in the space by creating a dynamic world of sleep that helps people take actionable steps towards improving their sleep habits.’s three brand videos released today which aim to distill the complex science of sleep in short, digestible and witty content that resonates with large sections of audiences.

In addition to unveiling a new brand avatar, BaaBaa, through its brand films, Wakefit has also incorporated subtle branding elements into its website design. For example, the color scheme on the website reflects the last color one sees when the lights are switched off at night, while the fonts resemble those in a fairytale storybook to bring back the nostalgia of peacefully going to bed as a child. 

Speaking on the launch of the new campaign, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-founder,, said, “The sleep industry in India is pegged at INR10,000 crore, yet there is little innovation in this space. We have witnessed disruption in the nutrition and exercise segments of wellness but sleep has so far been ignored due to the lack of visually appealing representation in the space. The idea of the campaign was to create a world around sleep that is inhabited by cool and likeable characters who are eager to unravel the mysteries of sleep and present it in a simple and digestible form  The campaign strongly aligns with our brand ethos of making great quality sleep accessible to people across India.”  

Vineet Gupta, Founding Partner, Spring Marketing Capital also shared his thoughts on collaborating with Wakefit as its brand partners. He said, “Sleep is one of the most important factors impacting a person's health, productivity and success. However in today's world, sleep is often de-prioritized, taken for granted and riddled with misconceptions. Wakefit was founded as a sleep solutions company and aims to bring sleep back into the consciousness and conversation of Indian consumers. We are thrilled to partner Wakefit in their journey of building a brand that is meaningful, fun and in a differentiated way.”

"Wakefit is a truly innovative brand that is disrupting the space of sleep solutions with its unique technology, service delivery and product offerings. This product segment will never be the same again, with consumers being the ultimate winners. We are truly excited to partner with the team at Wakefit and bring our media, data and measurement capabilities to help build the brand and drive business." said Anand Chakravarthy, Managing Director, Essence, who are partnering Wakefit, as their integrated media agency.