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Ideas Experience2021-04-30

Making Google Search more relevant with live weather triggers in Vietnam

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There is a plethora of options when it comes to travel planning tools, websites and booking portals. How can we help Google make their travel features on Search stand out and encourage our audience in Vietnam to start their travel research on Google, especially for domestic travel?


Living in beautiful Vietnam, one can quickly feel the pain of low holiday allowances. We discovered that this made locals establish a special relationship with domestic travel. Vietnamese turn to local places for spontaneous trips that do not require as much planning, and tend to have quite a laid-back and impulsive approach to weekends away. We decided to give our audience a reason to start making travel plans instantaneously, by harnessing both their location and the weather in their city.


With more than 60 different conditions to choose from the weather API, we decided to go with ‘sunny’ and ‘non-sunny’ as the two main triggers to design more relevant messages. Through real-time weather-triggered ads, our audience was able to truly experience Google Search for travel and itinerary planning. 

When it was sunny, we showed them how to make the most of good weather by searching for attractions and nearby restaurants in their own city.

When it was non-sunny, we served them ads on how to search for flights and hotels in other Vietnamese cities where the weather was sunny.


This simple approach allowed us to make travel triggers more relevant to the moment, resulting in a significant uplift in usage intent.