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Ideas Media planning2022-09-21

How EssenceMediacom is pushing beyond legacy to build the agency of the future

EssenceMediacom is shaping up to be an agency like no other — we'd like to think of it less as a merger and more as a startup. As we lay the groundwork for the new agency, we thought it was important to share some insight into the thinking that will serve as the foundation for our new agency — and that will help clients grow their businesses and reach new audiences.

One of the biggest impediments to taking full advantage of the creative and media landscape of the 21st century is the industry’s continued attachment to silos. The industry is still using legacy and linear thinking at a time when experiences, technologies, communities and platforms are emerging everywhere simultaneously. Continuing to approach advertising as if 30- and 60-second spots should be the starting point and center of most campaigns leads to suboptimal digital experiences and it too often prevents us from trying new things.

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