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Ideas Data Strategy2021-08-24

How Essence utilised first-party data to help Google’s SMB advertising business expand its audience and capture new leads in APAC

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With COVID-19 accelerating the need for business digital transformation, we leveraged first-party data to help Google discover new prospects and drive incremental leads at greater efficiency for its advertising products targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in APAC.


We began by reviewing all available sources of product-specific first-party insights, including Google Ads (media buying platform), Ads Data Hub (data clean room), Google Insights Finder (Google audience graph) and Google’s internal database. As 80% of the campaign budget was allocated towards paid search advertising, we focused our efforts on Google Ads. Specifically, we utilised its Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Observation feature to mine insights from existing paid search campaigns to identify new audiences for expansion. We then applied these segments to upcoming display campaigns, testing performance against existing audience targeting tactics.


The results demonstrated the efficacy of deploying first-party data for insight generation, as the new audience tactics far outperformed existing audience targeting. Our process identified over 40 fresh, high-value audiences on top of existing business-to-business (B2B) profiles Google had previously addressed, driving a 389% increase in new leads at nearly four times the efficiency, compared to existing audience targeting.

  • 40+ new high-value Google audience tactics

  • 389% increase in new leads

  • 4X lower cost per lead