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Ideas Work2021-06-24

Helping Club Rainbow drive increased online visibility, donors and volunteers to support children with chronic illnesses and their families

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Club Rainbow (Singapore) is a charity with a mission to support and empower children with chronic illnesses and their families by providing compassionate relevant services in their journey towards an enriching life.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions on physical events, Club Rainbow was not able to run its tentpole fundraising events for its operational needs.

As such, Essence wanted to help Club Rainbow by digitalising its marketing efforts to focus on driving increased visibility, donors and volunteers online via its website to support its cause.


Introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to aid non-profit organisations in their digital transformation, Essence Impact is a pro bono initiative that helps the organisations raise greater awareness, attract more donations and recruit new volunteers via their websites to support their causes and effect accelerated change.

As part of the initiative, Essence helps eligible charities such as Club Rainbow to apply for Google Ad Grants which provides up to US$10,000 per month of in-kind search advertising. Leveraging Essence’s best-in-class digital, data, analytics and technology expertise, the agency also assists the organisations in setting up, managing and optimising their advertising campaigns to drive traffic to their websites.


After an initial discovery meeting with Club Rainbow, Essence created Google Ads campaigns targeting audiences in Singapore and the APAC region. The team set up keywords, ads and bidding based on the agency’s best practices for clients. Essence and Club Rainbow partnered to optimise the campaigns and expand reach to attract more visitors to the charity’s website, and continue to work together on improving visitors’ onsite experience through website audits and conversion rate optimisation. 


Following the start of campaigns in November 2020, Club Rainbow experienced a jump in website traffic by 133% year-on-year in January 2021. Search advertising garnered 45% of all traffic in January 2021 and more than 4,000 new online visitors in less than three months.

“Working with Essence enables us to amplify our online presence. Club Rainbow is looking forward to a closer partnership with Essence, further strengthening our online marketing strategy, and driving greater awareness and support for our children and their families.” - Dr. Sashikumar Ganapathy, President, Club Rainbow (Singapore)

Google Ad Grants is available in 68 countries around the world. Interested non-profit organisations can contact Essence for support at [email protected].