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Essence among first to attain IAB gold standard 2.0 certification

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Essence, along with GroupM UK, and its agencies, are amongst the first to attain IAB’s Gold Standard 2.0 Certification.

The certification aims to bring together industry programmes to combat ad fraud, increase brand safety and improve the digital advertising experience for users. Companies are required to take three steps to certify: implement IAB Tech Labs’ ads.txt, undergo a TAG Brand Safety audit and adhere to the principles set out by the Coalition for Better Ads. In 2018, GroupM was one of the first major media holding groups to attain the 1.0 Gold Standard Certification at its launch in January of the same year. 

The renewed Gold Standard Certification 2.0 incorporates steps to address privacy concerns within the digital supply chain demonstrating the collective commitment across the group to tackle privacy concerns head on, adhere to the latest industry standards and create a more trusted, transparent and accountable digital ecosystem.

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