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Ideas Experience2021-04-30

Driving relevance with live-device context for Google Pixel 5 launch in Japan

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A smartphone is a personal thing. Yet, hardly any digital ads on a smartphone are truly personalised for the person looking at them. With the launch of the Pixel 5, Google sought an innovative digital idea that would help the brand relate to a modern smartphone owner in Japan at a closer level. 


In the sea of tech sameness, we had to focus on what mattered. Strong battery life became the focal point of the campaign. Syndicated research data confirmed that our target audience use their mobile phones for entertainment more than anything else.


Instead of serving the same generic creative message to everyone, the idea was to give every individual a bespoke experience tailored to not only their entertainment preferences (such as music, gaming and online video), but also their actual battery level. 

We leveraged third-party battery API data to make our digital banners react and adapt to the live battery level at the time of the ad impression. 

For instance, an avid music streamer would see Pixel as their ‘All-Day Music Machine’ versus a ‘Non-Stop Gaming Guardian’ for a gamer, with a micro-message based on their phone’s actual battery level at the time of the ad impression. For those with an almost flat battery on their device at the time of seeing the ad, the message was a little bit more urgent, highlighting the pain of not being able to continue to listen to the next song. On the other hand, those with full phone battery levels would see copy alluding to the pain of not being able to enjoy uninterrupted music all day long. 

This kind of creative mapping based on live data allowed us to build nearly 50 unique creative combinations. In partnership with our technology partner, we leveraged our audience’s affinities as well as their real-time device context.


It is often difficult for a little banner to shift purchase consideration for a high-end brand. On this occasion, the multi-layered contextual messaging paid off - the campaign drove unprecedented consideration lift in the display channel alone. 

“This execution is a true example of utilising data in a meaningful way - to enhance the creative message, to increase relevance and to ultimately deliver results.” - Vicky Etheridge, Google Media Lab, APAC