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Ideas Strategy2020-07-10

Brands in times of activism

Erica Chen

In times of crisis - and activism - brands often feel the pressure or passion to react to a moment immediately. But when brands speak during crises, they voluntarily place themselves under scrutiny from consumers looking for accompanying actions to back up their support.

When a brand's actions are misaligned with its historical activity those statements can appear insincere, often with damaging effects.

To determine how best to act, it is crucial for brands to understand differing public opinions and consider how their own historical behavior, company values, and existing audiences align with the cause at hand - and whether it's appropriate for them to act at all.

This report, 'Brands in Times of Activism' provides a marketing decision makers with a framework to help determine the best way to engage with causes or issues as they emerge, whether through leadership, self reflection, or by elevating the appropriate community.

To learn more about the four potential roles for brands in responding to causes and crises, download the full report 'Brands In Times of Activism'.

Brands in Times of Activism was authored by:

  • Erica Chen

  • Joanne Suk

  • Maria Hidalgo

  • Chike Ume

  • Stephanie Rickards

  • Dhatri Navanayagam

  • Harrison Awe

  • Jon Gittings

  • Adam Russell