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Ideas Artificial Intelligence2019-06-20

AI on the battlefield: lessons for advertisers

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In recent months, researchers, technology companies, and governments have begun to respond to calls for new rules and ethical standards to govern the use of artificial intelligence.

Advertisers also need to wrestle with the implications and the responsibilities AI will create for our industry while we still have time to align on standards for how it should be used.

To discuss how advertisers should think about regulating the application of artificial intelligence to marketing and communications, Fast Company editor Jeff Beer and Essence co-founder Andrew Shebbeare were joined on stage at Cannes by Ljupco Jivan Gjorgjinski, chair of the UN working group on lethal autonomous weapons.

In this wide ranging discussion, Beer, Shebbeare, and Gjorginksi discuss what can be learned from the application of artificial intelligence to the battlefield, an area where AI is forcing the urgent development of new rules and norms.